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"Drawing from many years experience with the wholesale floor covering industry, we have developed a system designed specifically for distributors. We believe you will analyze alternatives and find that DMS is uniquely qualified to be your wholesale floor covering software solution."

Laronne Gartman, President

The system provides complete operational flexibility, and can be tailored to handle the unique aspects of individual companies. We achieve flexibility not by requiring a heavy programming staff overhead to support custom applications, but by providing an extensive range of setup defaults that are specific to the wholesale flooring products industry.

DMS is designed and developed to improve core business functions, and to help our customers meet or exceed business challenges to maximize profitability, increase operational efficiencies, and build stronger business relationships. An Executive Information component provides powerful forecasting and analysis tools to assess current business conditions. All applications are interfaced to the General Ledger, ensuring accurate financial views and analyses. System modules illustrated in the following figure provide the tools and information needed to get the job done in key operational areas.

DMS applications share many common features to improve access to information and system functions. Online assistance is available via the HELP key. Extensive search capabilities speed access to specific records, and information may be viewed at summary or detailed levels using a "drill down" process to refine searches. Windows and function keys are used consistently and extensively throughout the system to quick access to information and applications related to the task at hand. For example, a Customer Service Representative may view open orders for a customer, aged account detail, pricing, sales history and detailed inventory information all without interrupting the order in progress. Underlying the breadth and scope of DMS are system security features definable at both the system and individual operator levels. Individuals may further define system characteristics within the context of established permissions.

DMS takes advantage of current technologies, and provides a vision and migration path for the incorporation of emerging technologies. Our customers are often surprised by how quickly our applications evolve in response to changing needs. We have a history of being visionary, and were pioneers in the development of applications to address the following floor covering distribution business needs:

  • Automation of warehouse operations through barcode and radio frequency technologies
  • Fixed function barcode applications
  • Laminate cutting programs
  • Cutting machine automation
  • Electronic forms printing
  • Automated routing systems
  • Extensive pricing programs
  • Processing and file back of rebates and claims

Advanced Applications

A number of advanced applications are available and may be integrated to extend the functionality of DMS. These advanced applications include:

  • Gartman's Warehouse Automation System
  • Gartman's mobile Proof of Delivery
  • Gartman's CRM
  • Gartman's Job Tracking system
  • Gartman's Document Delivery System
  • Floor Covering B2B Web Services
  • Real Visions' image storage and retrieval system
  • Roadnet Technologies' Roadnet application for advanced truck routing