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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the first step in formalizing an agreement with Gartman to implement DMS?

A. The first agreement to be signed by the customer and Gartman is the Software License Agreement.

Q. What are the primary differences in a Software License Agreement and a hardware purchase agreement?

A. The Software License Agreement provides for a "right to use" the software so long as the terms and conditions are adhered to. Ownership of the software resides with Gartman. Hardware is usually acquired with a purchase agreement or a lease agreement. Title to hardware products would be held by the customer. The timing of title passing would be dependent on the type of agreement, whether lease or purchase.

Q. Is there an expiration date on the Software License Agreement?

A. No. The agreement continues in effect in perpetuity, unless there is a breach of the terms and conditions, or until such time as the agreement is terminated by either party.

Q. What financing options are available for acquiring DMS and equipment to operate it?

A. DMS will be priced with a one-time license fee. The license fee may be paid or financed. Financing options available are the IBM Credit Corporation or the customer's bank or leasing company of choice. Hardware can be acquired by leasing or purchasing. Depending on the customer's credit rating and the mix of hardware and software, the entire project could be financed though the IBM Credit Corporation.

Q. How do the interest rates from the IBM Credit Corporation compare to other alternatives?

A. Interest rates quoted by the IBM Credit Corporation vary depending on the credit rating of the customer, the size of the transaction, and the mix of hardware and software. The IBM Products, such as the iSeries and system software, will have the lowest interest rate. The application software and any third party equipment will have a higher interest rate than the CPU. The rates available from the IBM Credit corporation are usually very competitive.

Q. Is there any obligation to get a quote from the IBM Credit Corporation?

A. No. Gartman can work with customers to project the cost of various components of a project. This estimate will then be submitted to the IBM Credit Corporation for a quote. A rate per $1,000 will then be forthcoming and can be used for planning purposes.

Q. What are Advanced Applications, as related to the iSeries and DMS?

A. Advanced applications are those applications which are not included as a part of the standard DMS package. However, they do provide many benefits for increasing the efficiency of a distributor's business. These applications include automated fax, automated email, electronic printing from overlays, imaging and warehouse automation.

Q. What are the benefits of automated fax?

A. The main benefit is that all authorized users of the system have, at their fingertips, the ability to send faxed documents to customers, suppliers, etc., without leaving their workstation to travel to a fax machine. The time saved is more than just the travel time. There is often wait time, time to key numbers, and waiting for the document to process.

Q. What are some of the documents which can be faxed from the system running DMS?

A. Purchase orders, invoice copies, item specifications, and warehouse change forms are the documents which are currently automated and can be faxed from a system running DMS.

Q. What are the hardware and software components required to implement automated fax?

A. The software products required are the same for all models of the IBM iSeries. Facsimile Support/400 is the primary software product required. There is a feature of the operating system which is also required. The hardware required is dependent upon the iSeries model. If the iSeries Model 170 is selected, an additional data/fax modem is required. If the iSeries Model 720 is selected, there is an option for an Integrated FAX Adapter. This feature is recommended in environments with a high volume of faxing since it is dedicated to faxing and does not use CPU resources. This feature also functions as a modem. With either solution, a dedicated phone line is required.

Q. What are the benefits of producing documents from electronic overlays?

A. There are three primary benefits to be derived from using electronic images for some documents. The first is the ability to change the format of a document without having to go back to your supplier of forms to get the change made. The second benefit is that the images of documents are produced on plain bond paper which can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of pre-printed forms. The third benefit is the clean, crisp image produced.

Q. What documents are candidates for electronic printing from overlays?

A. Purchase orders, invoices and statements are the best candidates for this application.

Q. What is required to implement printing from electronic overlays?

A. First, a laser printer with the Intelligent Print Data Stream (IPDS) feature is the hardware component required. The software required is an IBM product, Advanced Function Printing Utilities for the iSeries. The print services feature of the operating system also is required.

Q. How does Gartman providing ongoing support for DMS?

A. Support is provided by Help Desk personnel who receive calls from customers, answer questions and provide assistance. The Help Desk is backed by a staff of programmers to address more complex issues.

Q. What are the hours of support availability?

A. The Help Desk operates during the normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. A Programmer On Call provides support outside normal business hours, on weekends and on holidays. Customers call a toll-free number and leave a message which is forwarded to the programmer by a paging system. This system allows Gartman to provide support service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Q. What is required for Gartman support personnel to sign on to a customer's system?

A. The customer's system will need a telephone line and modem for the purpose of support.

Q. Does Gartman pass along modem charges incurred for the purpose of support?

A. Yes. However, the customer may choose to provide a toll-free number to Gartman for this purpose.

Q. Does Gartman provide a toll-free number for support?

A. Yes. This is provided at no additional charge to the customer. It is included as part of the ongoing support fee.

Q. What does the monthly support fee cover?

A. Unlimited telephone support, 7 x 24 support service and software updates.