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Gartman's DMS products combine integrated software applications, real time data update, online information accessibility and flexible reporting parameters to achieve its pinnacle a powerful Executive Information component. The tools available in this module give the floor covering distribution executive the information needed to make critical decisions based on current business conditions. No more waiting for a batch update, a month end close or the manual correlation of data from different applications. Knowledge is available now. With a few keystrokes, information about profitability, sales, financial commitments, cash flow, operational efficiency, resource availability, product performance, suppliers and customers is accessible. Tabular and graphical views of summary information and analyses provide a high level synopsis of prevailing business conditions. When a sharper view is required, a "drill down" process may be used to review information at increasingly finer levels of detail, down to actual line items as they appeared on an invoice.

The Executive Information application is tightly integrated with all DMS applications, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll, Order Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Sales Management and Analysis and Advanced Applications. Summary and analysis information available through the Executive Information module may be exported to applications outside DMS for additional analysis, manipulation, publication or other uses.