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Order Management
DMS Order Management is considered the most powerful order entry system in the industry. It is a robust application that provides support for order entry, as well as a full complement of tools to facilitate customer service and sales.

DMS Order Management is designed with the customer service process, and more specifically, the floor covering industry in mind. It provides interactive, online access to up-to-the-minute inventory, customer, sales history, order status and other information. Prompt keys, windows and action codes make navigation a cinch. A pop-up menu gives the customer service representative access to other DMS applications, returning to the last order entry screen when other activities have been completed. The Order Management application also incorporates a variety of productivity tools designed to expedite service, improve sales and maximize inventory selection. Order Management is closely integrated with the Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Purchasing, and Pricing DMS modules.

The DMS Order Management application offers an Easy Order module to provide dealers with a mechanism for checking stock and pricing, and for placing orders directly without intervention by customer service personnel. Access to the DMS Easy Order module may be gained via terminal emulation or Internet access on a personal computer.


The Order Management application incorporates the following features:

  • Order Management screens may be customized at the company and individual user levels
  • Customer service representatives may be authorized, on an individual basis, to edit or cancel open orders, create return authorizations and credit memos, make inventory adjustments, or view cost and profit information
  • Customers may be identified by entering the account number or phone number, or online search of the customer database by any part of the customer number, name or part of name, city, state or zip code
  • Default customer information is automatically displayed, with the option to override
  • Customer profile information is automatically provided
  • Customer specified security codes are available, preventing unauthorized use of the customer's account
  • All customer ship to addresses are accessible for selection
  • Comments specific to a customer are displayed for review
  • Item inquiry (search) may be executed from any program where an item number is required
  • Items may be searched by item number (SKU) or part of an item number, description or part of a description, product line (number or description), or color
  • Item descriptions and related information are available
  • Inventory quantities by item within company and branch (location) may be obtained
  • More than 60 one- to two-digit action codes may be used to obtain additional information or complete tasks related to order entry, items, inventory and order status, customers, sales history, pricing, etc.
Productivity tools augment staff efficiency, sales and customer satisfaction
  • A standard order template may be used for customers who frequently order the same items
  • Orders may easily be duplicated based on an invoice
  • A "best buy" module determines the best roll cut for a given size. The selection is made based on the first match of these tests: 1) a roll or roll balance fits the size ordered; 2) a roll balance is less expensive than the cut; 3) the cut leaves a balance with an acceptable scrap size; or 4) the cut leaves a balance larger than the "small lot" quantity; inventory age may be used as a factor
  • Inventory holds may be used to reserve certain items for a customer according to predetermined time periods
  • A quote module allows development of quotes and the subsequent generation of an order based on that quote
  • Complementary items and item substitutes are automatically displayed for items ordered
  • Item specifications may be automatically faxed to a customer on request
  • A kit function allows the building or tearing down of "kits," items derived from inventory components stocked individually
  • Remnant packages may be created online, with appropriate inventory and other files automatically updated
  • All miscellaneous charges (e.g., freight) applicable to an order are automatically displayed, with options to override
  • Shipping information and expected delivery dates applicable to an order is automatically displayed, with options to override
  • Orders may be reviewed and modified prior to final commitment
  • Open orders may be easily modified or cancelled
  • Credit memos and return authorizations may be easily generated by authorized customer service representatives
  • Missed sales may be noted in the system for future analysis
  • A customer service incentive report shows number of orders taken, total dollar value and profitability by customer service representative. This report may be run daily, weekly, monthly or on demand
  • DMS provides the ability to report, therefore compensate, customer service and sales representatives of various types (e.g., inside) on the same account or item
  • Cash payments, deposits and credit card information may be captured and automatically posted via a cash sale function
A laminate module supports the unique requirements of specialized laminate orders
  • Provides a grid of available laminate sizes for a given color
  • Shows all outstanding cuts for a laminate item
  • Adjusts remaining laminate back into stock and assigns new item numbers to cut pieces
Integration with related system modules ensures a streamlined order management process
  • Backorders may automatically generate purchase orders (e.g., for factory orders)
  • Orders placed may automatically adjust available inventory amounts
  • Pick tickets may be automatically generated based on user-defined parameters (e.g., two days prior to ship date)
  • Inventory adjustments are automatically posted to the Inventory application
  • Inventory price changes are automatically reflected in Order Management at the appropriate time
  • Customer service representatives may view Inventory on order via the Purchasing module
  • Customer aged account information, open invoices, payment history, and related information is available via the Accounts Receivable module