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Sales Analysis
The DMS Sales Management and Analysis application provides a broad spectrum of functions to improve marketing initiatives, increase productivity and expand profits. Its cornerstone is the most extensive sales history database in the industry, limited only by the host computer's physical storage capacity. Powerful analysis tools allow the sales team to engage the wealth of sales history information to assess market performance, adjust marketing strategies and exploit potential markets more effectively. The DMS market analysis capabilities are augmented by several functions aimed at improving account and territory management, sales productivity and performance measurement.

The Sales Management and Analysis application provides powerful inquiry and reporting capabilities. Information may be accessed by customer, item, product line, sales representative or vendor, and may be viewed at varying levels of detail from high level summaries to individual invoice line items. The Sales Management and Analysis application is tightly integrated with Order Management, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and other DMS modules for extended functionality.


The Sales Management and Analysis application incorporates the following features:

Extensive sales history tracking and analysis

  • Detailed information for each invoice retained for an indefinite period, limited only by physical storage capacity
  • Information is available by customer, item, product line, sales representative, vendor, buying group, marketing segment and display type
  • Sales history information may be viewed, reported, analyzed and ranked by item, product line, customer, vendor, sales representative, General Ledger account, sales territory, geographic region, company, division, location and other categories for a number of time periods
  • Multiple categories may be combined for sales, profit, cost to sales and other comparative analyses
  • Promotional items and rebates may be analyzed
  • Cost to sales comparisons for samples and no-charge samples may be analyzed by this year to last year and this month this year to this month last year
Key accounts identification and management
  • Ranking reports help identify key accounts and current activity
  • Customer service representatives notified if the account being worked is a key account
Sophisticated territory management
  • Each customer assigned to a territory
  • Territories assigned geographically
  • Territory assignments may be broken down by product line, General Ledger class and other derivations to allow team selling
  • Sale of the same product line may be shared by two or more sales representatives
Extensive sales commission computation
  • Sales commission may be based on percent of gross sale or percent of gross profit
  • Commission rates may be assigned overall, or may differ by product line, sales representative, etc.
  • Rates may vary depending on type of product sold, such as regulars, drops, items sold below cost, etc.
  • Sales commission register may be run weekly, monthly or on demand
  • Sales incentives may be included and processed as part of the commissions statement
  • Sales commissions may be split between two or more sales representatives
Simplified display and sample management
  • Each display, rack, etc., uniquely identified by number
  • Each number has a profile
  • Each account profile may contain any number of sample profiles
  • Sample updates filled through batch order entry system that creates sales order, Pick Ticket and shipping label for sample items to be shipped based on customer and sample profile; only items added are shipped
  • No-charge sample process provides for shipping, posting and retrieving historic information
  • No-charge samples may be recorded in the General Ledger and reported as comparisons with other categories
  • Target marketing may be based on sample profiles

Extensive online inquiry and reporting capabilities with numerous options for selection and sorting