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Accounts Receivable
The DMS Accounts Receivable application provides tools necessary to exercise tight control over accounts receivable processes, improve productivity, minimize credit uncertainties and maximize profitability. It is based on an open item, offsetting entry accounting system which maintains current, accurate and properly aged balances.

The Accounts Receivable application facilitates the management and analysis of customer accounts, charges, terms, finance options, invoice and statement processing, payment transactions, cash applications and sales tax. A comprehensive set of tools provides support for the management of both dealer and manufacturer claims. A complete claims history is maintained, and aging on claims promotes periodic review.

DMS's powerful Credit Management module is considered the best in the industry. It is designed to put every piece of relevant information at the fingertips of credit managers and collectors. It allows automatic assessment of a customer account's credit worthiness based on the age of the account, the size of an order and the total amount owed. Alternatively, orders may always be directed to credit hold or never directed to credit hold on an individual customer basis. Credit managers interactively review and approve orders placed on credit hold, decreasing the risk of bad debt. Collectors work with aged customer accounts to improve collections and profits. Flexible aging, payment terms, credit guidelines, and sales tax parameters provide adaptability to individual business environments.

A Trips and Promotions module facilitates the management of promotional accounts in which your customers participate. Promotions may be point or money based, and may be funded by the distributor or the customer. The Trips and Promotions module is integrated with Order Management to facilitate accrual and customer inquiries.

Accounts Receivable information is tightly integrated with General Ledger, Order Entry, Invoicing and other DMS modules for a comprehensive financial management resource. Extensive search capabilities provide easy access to specific records. Online inquiries put critical information at your fingertips, and flexible reporting functions provide access to detailed transaction information and summary analyses.


The Accounts Receivable application incorporates the following features:

Flexible Accounts Receivable record definition

  • Multiple months
  • Alphanumeric account numbers
  • Unlimited "bill to" accounts per "sold to" based on product line
  • Unlimited "ship to" addresses
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Up to nine sales persons per account
  • Up to six route codes (seven days per code) for each ship-to to address
  • Extensive comments and notes
  • Age from invoice date or due date
  • Five user defined aging columns
  • More than 60 payment terms codes
  • Three discount/due date levels per terms code
  • Terms defined as days to pay, day of the following month, specific date
  • Installment payments (interest not calculated)
Complete management and analysis of customer accounts
  • Name, address and contact information
  • Ship to addresses
  • Billing and sample information
  • Assigned sales representative(s)
  • Routing information
  • Personal profile information (e.g., business anniversary, birthday, favorite sport)
  • Extensive buying authority profile
  • Buying group participation by product line
  • Locate customer accounts by account number, telephone number, name or portion of name, city, state or zip code
Automatic calculation of finance charges at month end for defined customers
  • Load parameters (e.g., minimums, rates)
  • Select invoices and print edit
  • Remove unwanted invoices from batch
  • Print and post invoices
Online cash application
  • Display account and apply to invoice(s) shown
  • Apply by "bill to" or "sold to"
  • Apply by invoice or order number
  • Apply partial payment
  • Process automatic discounts if within due date
  • Process overpayments
  • Process non-Accounts Receivable payments
  • Apply payments automatically through other DMS applications
  • Void a check by returning the original transactions from history
Complete management of dealer and manufacturer claims
  • Unique claim number used to track individual claims
  • Invoice issued for new material noted as claim, and excluded from aging, finance charges accrual, etc.
  • Upon approval of claim, credit memo issued to customer account
  • Complete history of all claims and related activities maintained for review and reporting
  • Claims aging prompts periodic review to ensure appropriate follow-up
Manage bad debt accounts
  • Move bad debts from Accounts Receivable to Bad Debts and from Bad Debts to Accounts Receivable
  • Print aged trial balance
  • Print statements
Flexible invoicing options
  • Process recurring Accounts Receivable (monthly, quarterly semi-annually or annually by customer)
  • Process by charter member
  • Process by billing code
Extensive online inquiry and reporting
  • Account aging
  • Transaction history
  • Customer analysis
  • Customer invoice details
  • Credit reference
  • Open Accounts Receivable balances by location (branch)
  • Customer lists
  • Customer labels
  • Customer comments
  • Aged trial balance (purged/unpurged) by customer, salesman or selective
  • Aged trial summary by customer or salesman
  • Statements (monthly and selective)
  • Credit status
  • Credit limit
  • Credit report by customer sales
  • Terms usage
  • Credit ranking
  • Credit reference
  • Sales tax
  • Accounts Receivable to General Ledger table
Credit Management

The Credit Management module incorporates the following features:

Definition of credit guidelines to meet particular company needs
  • Credit limit
  • Auto release for current accounts
  • COD/CBD/Certified Check
  • Account hold
Identification of multiple credit managers

Collectors assigned to specific customers

Work interactively with orders on credit hold
  • Review online aged trial balance
  • Automatic review based on next action date
  • Release or release with additional amount
  • Cancel
  • Hold for later review
  • Transfer to another credit manager
  • Release a partial order
  • Make and review extensive comments/notes
  • View sales history, open items and invoices
  • Print invoice copy or selective aged trial balance
  • Provide credit reference report
Work interactively with collections
  • Collections automatically go to assigned collector's file based on defined parameters (e.g., next action date, amount outstanding, aging, number of days since last review, etc.)
  • Make and review extensive collection notes
End of month and end of year processing

Trips and Promotions

The Trips and Promotions module incorporates the following features:

Definition of trip and promotional guidelines to meet your particular needs
  • Any number of trip or promotional funds can be defined
  • Funds may be point or money (overbill) based and funded by distributor or customer
  • Can load points or dollar amounts when customers set up for participation in a promotional fund
Extensive tracking facilitates account management and integration with sales and financial analysis
  • Automatic tracking of account balance by customer, including credits, debits, adjustments for returned materials, etc.
  • Promotional monies segregated from financial calculations and analysis for commissions, profitability, etc.
Extensive inquiries and reporting
  • Review of individual account balances, activities by month, etc., for a particular customer or promotional fund
  • Tightly integrated with Order Management to accommodate customer inquiries