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General Ledger
The General Ledger application is fully integrated with all other DMS applications, and is primarily maintained through other application processes (e.g., Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Payroll, etc.). The General Ledger does allow manual entries and adjustments, and recurring entries may be defined. The General Ledger application is highly adaptable to virtually every business structure, and was designed with the floor covering distributor in mind. It affords flexibility in structuring the chart of accounts, accounting periods, fiscal year and other parameters.

The General Ledger application provides powerful inquiry and reporting capabilities, with emphasis on comprehensive financial statement capability. Using these tools, it is easy to analyze financial conditions and operating performance. Detailed General Ledger transaction journals and reports provide for complete auditability.


The General Ledger application incorporates the following features:

Flexible General Ledger parameters

  • Multiple book-months/years
  • Support for 12- or 13-month accounting periods
User defined chart of accounts
  • Account description
  • Account type (asset, expense, income, liability, sales, retained earnings, etc.)
All applications automatically post to the General Ledger

Simplified journal entries
  • Journal entries are posted online
  • All entries are posted to a historic file
  • Supports recurring journal entries
  • Supports reversing journal entries
Highly customizable income statements and balance sheets
  • Report writer used to create any number of statements and balance sheets representing any business segment (e.g., company, location, current or past period, etc.)
  • Companies or locations may be consolidated
  • Formatting may be defined (e.g., totaling, line controls, etc.)
  • Define accounts to be included on line
  • Regular statement (current period/year-to-date, with percent of sales to expenses)
  • Budgeted with variance percent
  • Comparative this year to last year
  • Budgeted variance dollars
Comprehensive General Ledger closing
  • Each subsidiary posts transactions to detail and balance files
  • Period close provided to ensure two files in balance
  • May be run as often as desired
  • Financial statements may be run for any period (past or current) without having to final close the period
  • Year end close simply brings the balance sheet accounts forward to the new year beginning balance; may be run as many times and as often as desired
  • All historic data is available to re-run reports as far back as desired
Extensive online inquiry and reporting capabilities with numerous options for selection and sorting
  • Chart of accounts
  • Audit journal
  • Create and display financial statement
  • Account analysis
  • Account detail (current and historic)
  • Account detail listing
  • General Ledger by company or location
  • Journal transaction by source (subsidiary)
  • General Ledger budget