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Documentation & Communication
Gartman maintains a variety of system documentation, both technical and procedural in nature, to assist in the operation of Licensed Applications. Applicable documentation is provided to customers when a Software License Agreement is signed. Software Support Program subscribers may obtain additional copies at a 20 percent discounted rate, based on Gartman's current documentation price list.

When updates to or new releases of the DMS system documentation are issued, Gartman will provide each DMS Liaison representing a Software Support Program subscriber with a copy of the update or new documentation at no charge. Again, additional copies may be obtained at a 20 percent discounted rate, based on Gartman's current documentation price list.

Gartman periodically publishes newsletters or technical bulletins designed to keep its customers generally informed about the use and operation of DMS and ancillary systems, features of new software releases and enhancements, and additional support offerings. Each DMS Liaison representing a Software Support Program subscriber will receive a copy of these publications.

Service Mechanisms

Documentation updates, new versions of existing documentation, and publications will automatically be sent to DMS Liaisons upon completion of production. Additional copies may be requested during the standard business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, weekends and holidays excluded, by contacting the Gartman Help Desk. (Reference the Help Desk Services section of this Agreement for a description of services and procedures). . Requests will be processed according to the procedures defined in the Supplementary Services section of this Agreement.

Once a request for documentation services has been introduced into the process, it is addressed on a first-come, first-served basis. The following steps are taken toward resolution of a request:

Step 1 The assigned individual reviews the request, and prepares a quote defining those requirements, associated costs and proposed deliverables.
Step 2 The customer reviews and approves or declines the quote.
Step 3 Upon approval, the assigned individual prepares the requested documentation and ships it to the customer, per the customer's specifications.

Service Goals

Update, New Documentation and Publication Distribution. Gartman will distribute document updates, new documentation and publications within two weeks of initial production or receipt of a request for additional copies.

Quote Development. Work toward analysis of requirements and development of a quote for products and services will be initiated within two weeks of request receipt.

Status Updates. An attempt to communicate change in status will be made as the change occurs or on a weekly basis, whichever is shorter.

Quality Assurance. Periodically, customer evaluations will be included in documentation shipments to determine customer perception of quality and utility for specific documents. The results of these surveys will be made available to the Gartman Management Team. Quality and specific steps designed to address any deficiencies will be discussed with the DMS Steering Committee.