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Training Services
Gartman recognizes the importance of a quality, comprehensive training program to assist customers in developing the technical expertise necessary for successful system utilization, and acknowledges that training specific to Licensed Applications often must be augmented by training in related technologies and skills. Thus, Gartman maintains a Training Center, training professionals, materials and support personnel to accommodate hands-on classroom training in topics related to Licensed Applications. A comprehensive training curriculum addresses technical and procedural issues relevant to the design, implementation, use and maintenance of the Licensed Program. In addition, Gartman will assist in the identification of supplementary training resources relevant to use of ancillary technologies.

Subject to space availability in regularly scheduled training sessions at the Gartman Training Center, Software Support Program subscribers may enroll each DMS Liaison (not to exceed three Liaisons per customer) in one (1) course per year at no charge. Subject to space availability, Software Support Program subscribers may enroll employees in training sessions at the Gartman Training Center at a 20 percent discounted rate, based on Gartman's current training fee schedule.

Service Mechanisms

Enrollment in regularly scheduled classes, requests for special training needs, or assistance with training outside the scope of Gartman established curriculum should be submitted during the standard business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, weekends and holidays excluded, by contacting the Gartman Help Desk. Training requests will be processed as a Supplementary Service. (Reference the Help Desk and Supplementary Services sections of this Agreement for a description of services and procedures).

Once a request for training services has been introduced into the process, it is addressed on a first-come, first-served basis. The following steps are taken toward resolution of a request:

Step 1 A Gartman Training Coordinator reviews the request, and prepares a quote defining requirements, associated costs, proposed deliverables and scheduling possibilities.
Step 2 The customer reviews and approves or declines the quote.
Step 3 Upon approval, the Training Coordinator enrolls the student(s) in classes, per the customer's specifications.

Service Goals

Quote Development. Work toward analysis of requirements and development of a quote for products and services will be initiated within two weeks of request receipt.

Status Updates. An attempt to communicate change in status will be made as the change occurs or on a weekly basis, whichever is shorter.

Quality Assurance. Participants in training sessions conducted by Gartman will be asked to complete a Course Evaluation Form to determine perception of quality with regard to course conduct, content and supporting materials. The results of these surveys will be made available to the Gartman Management Team. Service quality and specific steps designed to address any deficiencies will be discussed with the DMS Steering Committee.