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Net xPress
Net xPress, is a total e-business solution which allows your customers to conduct business at any time--regardless of normal business hours of operations--using standard Internet tools (Internet service, PC and browser). Its functional design provides a simple, easy to use interface where customers can view inventory, obtain dealer-specific pricing, place orders, review account information, etc.

Net xPress extends DMS's core business functions to existing and potential client bases, without compromising the integrity of your system or imposing costly customer service resources. It is fully integrated with DMS modules for real time information and seamless order processing.


  • Flexible item search capabilities, including drill downs from broad product categories, key word searches for item name or descriptions, and specific item number searches as well as the ability to search for product based on "user-defined" categories such as species, thickness, etc.
  • Stock check capabilities
  • "Shopping Cart" style item selection
  • Additional item infomation available such as customer specific pricing, and specification information for an item
  • Multiple account access
  • Multiple shipping address and delivery method options
  • View invoice details for all invoices or only those with open balances
  • View open order status information
  • View quote information including items with special quoted pricing with the ability to order product from the quote
  • View Trip information including summary and detail information by year


  • Simple, easy to use interface for customers
  • Available 24X7, limited only by system and communications availability
  • Completely integrated with DMS core business applications for the most current up-to-the-minute information
  • Automated inventory selection to optimize available inventory
  • Immediate update of the DMS database with regard to order entry and processing, inventory availability, accounts receivable, etc.
  • Order processed accordingly for a particular customer, as currently defined in the DMS system (e.g., Credit Management, Pick Ticket processing, routing, etc.)
  • Flexible parameters including limiting the ability to view specific products and shipping methods, or account type information such as Trip information from being displayed in Net xPress which can be established overall or for specific customers.

Net xPress