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Sales xPress
Sales xPress provides sales and marketing personnel with powerful sales analysis tools and information via the Internet. Imagine the possibilities when sales personnel can analyze customer and product performance, develop targeted marketing strategies based on sales variances, and provide customers with information regarding their sales activity.

Sales xPress, a powerful sales automation tool when coupled with the core DMS system, is designed specifically for the wholesale floor covering distributor. Its principal purpose is to allow sales representatives and managers to conduct business at any time from any location using standard Internet tools (local Internet service, PC and browser). Sales xPress extends DMS Sales Management and Analysis functions to sales representatives in the filed, without compromising the integrity of your system or imposing costly communications resources. Its functional design provides a simple, easy to use interface.

Sales xPress can integrate into existing Internet strategies, or provide a turnkey Internet solution, where one does not exist. It offers an open architecture, facilitates the integration of advanced Internet applications as technologies continue to evolve, and allows distributors to leverage existing information technology investments.


  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Completely integrated with DMS core business applications for the most current up-to-the-minute information
  • Available 24X7, limited only by system and communications availability
  • Extensive customer, product, vendor and other analyses, including drill downs from broad categories to specific information
  • Inventory inquiry via flexible item search capabilities, including drill downs from broad product categories, key word searches for item names or descriptions, and specific item number searches
  • Easy interface to spreadsheet and other desktop applications for more extensive analysis, development of graphical presentations and related functions