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Document Imaging
The Document Imaging application provides for the scanning of documents for quick and easy access for viewing, faxing, printing or e-mailing which eliminates wasted time searching for paper files and the storage space utilized for paper files. The Document Imaging application may also automatically capture iSeries server generated reports and route the reports to end-user electronic in-baskets to eliminate printing, copying, distributing and filing reports.


  • Scan all documents related to Purchasing and Accounts Payable
  • Capture IBM’s iSeries server generated documents and reports
  • Image all documents related to a customer credit file, including claims
  • Scan marketing materials into the imaging system
  • Scan in delivery receipt documents with signature and index to sales order which can be displayed for customer service
  • Scan customer invoices which can be displayed for customer service
  • Provides imaging solutions that allow for other applications; i.e. Human
  • resources and Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Rebate Tracking, etc.