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Gartman was founded by Laronne Gartman in July, 1980, as a contract programming firm. Custom programming and consulting services for IBM midrange systems and PC networks were provided for a variety of business and industry types, including manufacturing, distribution, construction, hospitals and service-based organizations. Our primary focus in recent years has shifted from contract programming to the development, marketing and support of a comprehensive suite of information management systems and services designed specifically for the wholesale floor covering industry. Gartman's focus on wholesale floor covering distribution began with the development in the late 1970s of MIS, a comprehensive package designed specifically for Gunn Distributing Company, a wholesale distributor based in Little Rock, Arkansas. MIS was marketed nationally for more than 18 years, and operated on IBM's System/34 and System/36 platforms. In the early 1980s, Gartman further developed its product to the specifications of a wholesale floor covering distributor in Memphis, Tennessee, to operate on IBM's System/38 platform.

From these experiences, Gartman developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the business operations and information management needs of the wholesale floor covering industry. This knowledge was successfully applied to the development of DMS — Distribution Management Software. DMS, designed to operate on IBM's midrange iSeries platform, has been marketed nationally since 1989. In 1994, Gartman further augmented its industry knowledge and technical expertise with the acquisition of Gunn Systems, a major developer and supplier of wholesale floor covering distribution software.

Gartman has continued to build on these early successes and our industry knowledge to enhance and further develop the DMS system. Clients appreciate our knowledge of their business, and recognize that understanding needs is essential to satisfying those needs. Because of our successes in the floor covering distribution industry, we have formed new business partnerships and alliances. In 1997, Mannington Mills, Inc., selected Gartman's DMS as its software solution of choice for wholesale distributors of its products. This relationship has afforded Gartman the opportunity to advance development of its product and service offerings at a more rapid pace.

Gartman launched 1999 with the announcement of DMS. Year 2000 compliance, fully integrated information management modules, and features based on new and emerging technology make DMS the preferred choice for the new millennium. DMS incorporates new design and programming techniques to allow for future enhancements. Continued development of DMS will focus on further exploitation of electronic data interchange (EDI), barcode, radio frequency, imaging, Internet and other technologies to further optimize the supply chain. Improved telecommunications strategies and interfaces to external systems will extend information exchange and analysis capabilities.

Gartman has been an IBM Business Partner since 1983. Through our Business Partner status and similar business relationships, we are able to offer innovative hardware and software solutions at competitive prices. Hardware products include iSeries computers, terminals, personal computers, printers, peripherals, network components, barcode equipment and radio frequency devices. Advanced applications for the iSeries are also available. Financing options are offered for qualified customers.

Gartman offers a full complement of services to accompany implementation and utilization of DMS. Custom programming, data conversion, hardware installation, network configuration, training and project management are standard offerings.

Priority DMS technical support may be obtained through a Software Support Program subscription. This subscription offers technical support via telephone, e-mail and Internet, accompanied by remote access when necessary, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, weekends and holidays included. A toll-free technical support line facilitates telephone access. An Internet site, http://www.gartman.com, hosts a variety of resources for DMS customers, including e-mail access, online support request submission. Software upgrades, user group meetings, newsletters and technical bulletins are just a few of the other services provided under the Software Support Program subscription.

Gartman has been fortunate in our endeavors to build quality products and lasting business partnerships in the wholesale floor covering industry. We are committed to achieving future growth and success by continuing to partner with our customers, by being a leader in innovation and technology, and by providing turnkey solutions for our clients. Gartman will consistently deliver high quality products and services which meet your needs. We look forward to serving you!


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